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Front Splitters Vario
Universal Front Bumper Spoilers

About us

Welcome to NKTuning is part of the family-run business established in 1992 and manufactures high quality fibreglass and GRP elements conforming to the EU standards.


When in 2004 we founded, the family-run company opened a new production line (bumpers, body kits, spoilers etc.) to cater for the needs of our company, which offers external styling of passenger and sports cars.

In 2005 we began to distribute our products in the European markets, such as Germany, France and Italy, which turned out to be a success in the company’s development. As a consequence, in 2008, we resolved to move our registered office to the UK and expand our business to another EU country, which produced the anticipated effect and attracted a large number of satisfied customers. Our next step, therefore, is to extend the offer to include internal styling and a number of other accessories our customers inquired about. In 2009 we commenced cooperation with a number of European and global manufacturers of car tuning and styling accessories.


The store runs wholesale and retail sale of internal and external styling accessories. We offer over 600 own-manufactured items and about 1,000 products of European and global companies.


We make sure we service all your needs and provide good quality products at an affordable price.

We wish you a positive shopping experience.

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